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On the 1st April 2012 Blizzard announced the Neural interface for WoW. Although the device is between the limit of credible and not, we should wait a few more years before this interface gets launched. According to yesterday’s Blizzard announcement the device will allow players to experience World of Warcraft in a way they never have before: through the mind!

With its £13,299 price tag the Neural Interface is clearly a joke, so have a good laugh and read the official information below, originally posted in the Blizzard store: Neural Interface for use with your World of Warcraft account or account. This product comes with an exclusive in-game pet.

Experience World of Warcraft from a whole new perspective with the revolutionary Neural Interface! Harnessing the power of the human mind, the Neural Interface is a revolutionary new method to access World of Warcraft.

The first time you use the Neural Interface, it reads and adapts to your unique brainwave signature, forming a permanent and unbreakable bond, ensuring that all your senses are properly mapped to your character’s view of the game world. Once this neural link is formed, do not attempt to remove the Neural Interface for any reason. Blizzard Entertainment is not liable for any temporary or permanent loss of brain function as a result of improper use of the Neural Interface.

• Play your World of Warcraft avatar with complete sensory input. Experience the sights, smells, and tastes of Azeroth as never before!

• Simple and easy to use – Press one button on the side of the Neural Interface to generate permanent mental imprint. Setup of the Neural Interface is simple and takes only a few hours.

• Mostly Unobstrusive – Take your Neural Interface wherever you play World of Warcraft and have the satisfaction of knowing that you will only receive a few questioning glances.

• Tough and durable – Lasts for months, and replacement is theoretically possible.

Via Thought-Wired