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Are you a game designer wanting to try something new? How about implementing neurofeedback into the gameplay? NeuroSky, the manufacturer of the MindWave BCI headset has recently tweeted a link to a colourful pdf to give you inspiration on how to use new elements like relaxation, breathing, eye blinks and brain waves in different game genres.

The guide goes through many different genres from FPS to Strategy and Puzzle games, giving creative ideas on how to involve neurofeedback in each of the game styles. Just imagine a superhero fight in multiplayer where one player has to focus to throw a rock on the other, while his opponent has to stay relaxed to keep away the weapon. Or why not to make a stealth game where effectiveness is based on how calm the player is? Also you could design a boss fight where the boss will teleport as soon as the player blinks. The possibilities are endless, but as a start you can use this collection of richly illustrated unique ideas.

Check out screenshots from the pdf below or download the whole NeuroSky Gaming Concepts.