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Imagine if you could change the style of your clothes just by thinking about it. This is what Mechapolypse offers, a techno-dress that changes shape, lights up and transforms at your will. Or to be precise it is controlled by the level of concentration of the person model.

This bizarre outfit is the creation of the digital designer Nange Magro, an Italian, London based artist with a particular passion for experimental garments and latex. Nange loves software, technology, music, so she mixes them to discover interesting hybrids and create Mechapolypse, this dark and surreal sister of the Necomimi cat ears.

Nange believes that clothes should represent an extension of the body and brain, and not merely be a mask that separates a person from the surrounding world. She says being conscious of our body and its surrounding environment is one of the most important issues today. That is why she has created Mechapolypse, the dress which moves and transforms in synthesis with the person who is wearing them.

Mechapolypse is an obscure, alternative dress merging retro sci-fi (just think about the classic Metropolis film) with high-end brain-computer interface technology. According to Nange’s website, the dress “explores and pushes the limit between unreality and contemporary”.

The transformations of the dress are driven by the levels of concentration in the mind, which are calculated through the use of an EEG (electroencephalographic) chip that can read the signals via sensors which are located in the hat that capture and decode brain waves.

Check the video and the photos to capture the retro cyberpunk feeling: