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The Gadget Show Live is undoubtedly the UK’s biggest annual consumer electronics event. Products on the show represent your sweetest gadget-dreams,  and this year the show will host an especially tasteful event for us. NeuroSky, the pioneer of consumer mind-reading headsets will launch the cutest neurogadget so far, the amazing Necomimi cat ears that might revolutionize the way we think about fashion, gadgets and interpersonal communication.

As we have reported before, Necomimi is a creative, wearable brain-computer interface that allows people to commutate their mood just by using the power of their mind. With NeuroSky’s brainwave sensors, Necomimi opens door to a new way of communication by augmenting the human body and providing unprecedented abilities to human people. The super kawaii cat ears react and move in accordance to their user’s emotions. The ears on the headband stand up when the wearer concentrates or sees something interesting. And when the user relaxes,the decreasing brain activity makes the ears fall down. Necomimi will be available at the show for people to see in the UK for the first time!

For more information about booking tickets for the show visit The Gadget Show Live website. The event runs from 11 to 15 (open 9am to 6pm) April at Birmingham’s NEC.


‎Necomimi demo at the NeuroSky GDC 2012 booth. Photo source: Necomimi Facebook
First image of Necomimi’s retail version in the US. Photo source: Necomimi Facebook

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