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Below you can watch a very interesting presentation by Dr. Sridhar Natarajan from the nonprofit Concurrent Technologies Corporation (CTC). Dr. Natarajan is a key technical leader in strategic planning and technology implementation. He currently leads Internal Research & Development Projects in Neuro & Gesture-Based Computing and supports U.S. Army projects on Scenario-Based Live Combat Exercise Management and Condition Based Maintenance.

From the video you can learn about a viable 2 – 10+ year trajectory for integrating emerging technologies into practical applications. CTC combines neuro-technology along with synergistic technologies such as gesture recognition, facial expression recognition, voice recognition to usher in a new paradigm of advanced “Human-Machine” command/control and feedback interfaces.

The presentation introduces gesture-based computing and brain-computer interface technologies and examine their viability for enabling low-cost, high value applications to accelerate progress towards next generation systems.

The presentation PDF is free to download from this link.