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The two market leaders in consumer brain-computer interfaces have both released -almost at the same time- an essential update to their developer tools. On 16 March Emotiv rolled out a MAC SDK and Control Panel to the EPOC headset, while NeuroSky released on 20 March its 3.0 developer API/SDK that brings iOS and Android compatibility to the latest NeuroSky headset.

New MAC EPOC Consumer Control Panel & MAC Developer SDK

The Emotiv MAC SDK  is a free download for all users who had purchased the SDK edition before 15 January, 2012. Hurry up, because after 15 April, 2012, the update will cost $99.95 for each additional platform. Linux platform will be available in Q2! Read more about the Emotiv EPOC Developer Edition or check the official forum regarding the new update or your eligibility.

NeuroSky 3.0 Developer Tools

The NeuroSky Developer Tools let you create innovative apps that work with the company’s BCI headsets. The third iteration of the developer tools expand the possibilities across iOS, Android and PC/Mac as well. The update can be downloaded for free and it is compatible with the MindWave Mobile, the latest headset from NeuroSky. For more information visit the Neurosky Store.

Given that both big players of the BCI market focus on Apple platform, we might see a bunch of new and creative mind-controlled iPhone/iPad/Macintosh applications in the near future. But cross-platform compatibility on mobiles is also option, thanks to the NeuroSky Android dev tools!