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If you’re lucky enough to visit CeBIT this year, don’t miss the rare opportunity to play “one of the most popular computer games in the world” using a brain-computer interface. The game has not been named by the Austrian g.tec company, manufacturer of intendix-SOCI, but we have a bet that it is going to be Pong.

In 2009, g.tec introduced the intendiX-SPELLER, the first commercially available brain-computer-interface (BCI) system for home use. Now, they are going to release intendiX-SOCI (screen-overlay-control-interface), allowing you to control PC-applications such as games solely with your thoughts.

The device will be available later in 2012 but g.tec will host the first public demonstration of the pre-release version at CeBit-2012. Booth visitors can attend live demonstrations of intendiX-SOCI used to control one of the most popular computer games in the world. People can perform a wide variety of tasks using brain activity alone, including moving through the game world and performing tasks. intendiX-SOCI does not require any movement whatsoever, leaving the hands and voice free for other tasks.

intendix-SOCI uses a type of brain signal called the steady-state visual evoked potential, or SSVEP. It is picked up by a few electrodes mounted on the head. When people pay attention to a flickering item on a monitor a region in the back of the brain responds at the same frequency. g.tec’s technology can detect this brain activity and use it to determine which item the user considers important. Therefore, people can send commands within the game just by paying attention to different items on the monitor. intendiX-SOCI can detect these different brain signals with an accuracy of 98%.

CeBit visitors at g.tec booth will have the opportunity to try the system on their own. The staff will mount the electrodes and instruct people how to control the game with only their thoughts. Such a demo takes 20-30 minutes.

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