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Just visualize and focus on where you want to go, and the Emotiv EPOC headset tells the skateboard how to go to get there. The board can reach a speed of 32mph while controlling system’s core is housed in a Samsung tablet running Windows 8.

Chaotic Moon Labs call it Board of Imagination, and it is a second incarnation of their first, motion-controlled board, using Kinect.

“Well, the labs team hates to waste an opportunity to make anything better, so we started thinking about what they could do to improve it. So here it is, your ‘Board of Imagination'”, says the comment under their YouTube video.

The board understands commands like forward and stop, and also has the ability to slow down, speed up and brake. The creators however feel that distraction while riding would remain an issue. The headset has to remain in a perfect position, so as to ensure all contacts are positioned correctly, which might seem impossible during unfavourable weather conditions.

The concept was converted to product in about 48 hours, but the company is not planning to bring this to the market. They would, however, make the blueprints and bill of materials available to those willing to build the product.

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