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MindLabyrinth is a new retro-styled puzzle game that can be played with the NeuroSky MindWave BCI headset. Your job is to get through various mazes with Chac, a cute mayan priest who has to reach Patchamama’s hidden temple in the center of the Earth. The 52-level MindLabyrinth is going to be the first game in the Ubuntu Software Center that makes use of a brain-computer interface headset.
MindLabyrinth has pure retro graphics and an old-school mechanisms that might delight casual and old-school gamers as well. The game offers support for the NeuroSky MindWave headset to read your brain signals and interpret them. MindLabyrinth comes with a simple linear gameplay where you progress through a series of 52 levels of increasing difficulty. While getting through the mazes you will have to use your focusing and meditation skills to make stones move, gears work, to clear the way for your hero.  The game is playable without the MindWave too, however with keyboard-mouse only it loses all it’s unique values.

You can try the game right now buy downloading either the Windows demo, the Mac demo or the Linux demo. MindLabyrinth has been co-created by François Nicaise ( and Laurent Bédubourg ( Further information on the game can be found on the ThinkSlow website.