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Intel is exploring new ways to help Stephen Hawking communicate with the World and share his exceptional scientific knowledge and ideas about the universe. As known, Mr. Hawkings is the most famous and popular physicist since Albert Einstein, and he was diagnosed with a devastating motor neuron disease at age 21 and given just 3 years to live. The brilliant British scientist Stephen Hawking celebrated his 70th birthday Sunday, continues to amaze..

Altough Intel’s announcement was interpreted by many sources as a commitment to brain-computer interfaces, in reality brainwave reading techniques are only under consideration by Intel to keep Hawkings connected to the World.

Brainwaves has also been mentioned, and while it is an option, it is perhaps not the first avenue we are exploring because it requires the wearing of a headset,” said Intel CTO Justin Rattner to TechNewsWorld. “Whatever techniques we end up using, they have to be instantly usable, requiring no learning curve, and throughout all of this, we have to take great care to be sensitive to Stephen and his condition.”

According to in first place Intel consider to use expression detection, a system of cameras combined with software algorithms to build up a bigger vocabulary for Hawking. Eye movement detection is another option, but may be limited due to problems with accuracy.

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