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A new implantable EEG device provides seizure prediction for epilepsy patients. NeuroVista’s intracranial EEG (iEEG) device, the Seizure Advisory System (SAS), consists of electrodes that are implanted between the skull and the brain surface that continuously record electrical activity. A blue light on the external handheld accessory signifies a low likelihood of seizures, white indicates medium susceptibility, and red alerts to a high probability of impending seizure.

As the Clinical Psychiatry News reported this week, the electrodes are connected by wires to a data storage device implanted in the chest. Signals are transmitted wirelessly to an external handheld device that processes the data and transmits visual and audible signals to the patient.

“This is something we’ve never been able to do before, to predict when a seizure might happen, which potentially gives the opportunity for patients to make themselves safe, or possibly even take an acute-acting medication long-term. The uncertainty of when a seizure might occur is the most disabling part of seizures for most people. So to be able to have this sort of warning, to be able to structure day-to-day activities around [seizures] potentially, will mean a lot to people being able to control their lives,” said Dr. Mark Cook, chair of medicine and director of neurosciences at St. Vincent’s Hospital, Melbourne.

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