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The UK’s most expensive ad seconds, the X Factor final’s advertising slots will be monitored this year by using the latest neuromarketing techniques.  According to Daily Mail, a focus group of X Factor viewers wearing EEG sensors will participate an Emotion Response Analysis (ERA) while they sit through the most popular British TV programme.

Viewers will watch the ad breaks wearing a brainwave monitoring EEG headset to find out how the brain’s pleasure centres react to the adverts. SimpleUsability, the company behind the Emotion Response Analysis, will also use eye-tracking monitors to work out which advert is most effective.

The fact that data can be stored and analysed against the running time of the video can pinpoint moments in an advert that ‘work’ in terms of delivering pleasure. Combined with an eye-tracker, it allows advertisers to ‘design’ – or re-cut – adverts to work better.

‘The break before the winner is announced on Sunday, December 11th’s live final is the most expensive in the UK with slots selling for £8k per second,’ says the research company SimpleUsability.

‘By using innovative testing technologies that track eye movement and monitor subliminal, emotional responses, we will be recording how each advert rates in terms of excitement, interest and, emotional engagement amongst X Factor viewers.’

The company will announce which advert has been most ‘effective’ just after the competition.

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