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Neurogadget First birthday

One Year Ago

It happened exactly one year ago that was launched for the reason that people all over the World have a website where they can find the latest news of the exciting and continuously evolving field of brain-computer interfaces and related topics.

To be honest, the start wasn’t too difficult at all, these days almost anyone can launch a website easily. The hard part came later when facing the real challenge of keeping the site always up-to-date.

In general the BCI technology is still in its early phase, particularly the consumer sector (e.g. mind-reading headsets, BCI games and gadgets) but despite all of it, the increasing number of the relevant weekly news and announcements, the latest research results and new product launches can sometimes make it a hard job to keep up with the evolving BCI industry. is not perfect of course. We might have made many mistakes during this first year, and we know that the site could be improved in many ways. But in spite of all the flaws, has successfully achieved its first year goal, it has become a frequented website with continuously increasing number of monthly visitors.

Hereby, we would like to thank all of our 33,000 individual readers* who have visited in the past 12 months!

*Source: Neurogadget’s Google Analytics profile, number of Absolute Unique Visitors between 15 November 2010 – 15 November 2011

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New Monthly Newsletter

Also from now on you can subscribe to our brand new monthly newsletter that will deliver the latest BCI news right into your mailbox at the end of each month. To subscribe, simply click on the link or roll to the bottom of this page and fill in the form.

The first year in numbers

To celebrate our anniversary we would also like to share a few numbers regarding the performance of the site (simply because we’re proud of it), and to recall some of our most popular articles from the past year.

(based on Google Analytics)

  • Number of posts published on so far: 204
  • The variety of the countries that the visitors have came from: 162
  • Total number of our unique visitors in one year: 33,112
  • Growth of monthly pageviews:
    700 in December 2010,
    5000 in March 2011,
    12,000 in October 2011, and it keeps growing…
  • Number of followers at Neurogadget’s Twitter so far (thanks again guys!): 210
  • Number of followers at Neurogadget’s Facebook until now (we appreciate it very much!): 101

The Top 5

Below we’ve also gathered the top 5 most popular articles on so far (based on pageviews in Google Analytics). Our anniversary is a good occasion to recall them: