Without doubt our post on Necomimi Cat Ears has been one of the most popular articles here on Neurogadget so far. As we reported in May, the Japanese Neurowear company has squashed fashion and technology by  creating an “augmented human body” using the user’s brainwaves (analyzed by a Mindwave headset) and a pair of kawaii sexy kitten ears.If you can’t wait longer to improve your social life with those ears that stand up when the you concentrate or see someone attractive, here’s a detailed do it yourself guide to build your very own organs at home.

Unfortunately the project involves a lot of work and for the start you’ll need a 3D printer,  some technical knowledge, and a MindWave headset of course. Are you ready? Then visit Joshua DiMauro’s guide at Thingiverse.com to begin the project.

We are very curious to see what will Joshua build the next time. He claims that beyond cat ears the Arduino servos (used for attach motors to the MindWave headset) could be also used to build mind-controlled dog or rabbit ears, antennae or sweeping laser beams.

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