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Participants of the 8th BCI2000 Workshop, May 18-19 2011, Utrecht
Participants of the 8th BCI2000 Workshop in May 18-19, 2011, Utrecht

During this year’s BCI2011 Conference held in May and based in Utrecht, The Netherlands, Dr. Brendan Z. Allison interviewed many of the top researchers working in the brain-computer interface (BCI) sector to inform the public about the present state and future expectations of the invasive and non-invasive BCIs.

Enjoy these unique and very interesting videos below and learn more about BCI technology by browsing further or visiting

Dr. Femke Nijboer

Dr. Christoph Guger

Prof. Gerwin Schalk

Prof. Nick Ramsey

Dr. Jan Peuscher

Prof. Jonathan R. Wolpaw