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Have you been waiting for the Mindflex Duel since CES 2011? Don’t wait anymore, the most advanced multiplayer brain-controlled toy is finally available. The sequel of Mattel’s first and revolutionary Mindflex is already in the shop for $99.99.

Mindflex Duel requires nothing but your brain-power to float a ball and push it towards to your opponent. Both players have BCI headsets on their heads, and the player with the higher concentration level has more control over the game. The headbands translate mind waves into signals that control the ball over air. The toy is recommended for ages 8 and up, and offers solo, head-to-head, and co-op modes.

Mindflex Duel’s 5 different game modes

  • Power Push: Starting with the ball in the center of the platform, each player concentrates to be the first to push it into their opponent’s end zone.
  • Mental Marathon 2.0: Design your own obstacle and get the ball through the course as fast as you can. Your mind moves the ball vertically while you push a button to move the ball fan laterally.
  • Race the Lights: It’s a mental race against the platform lights. Get the ball to the other side before the lights reach the finish line.
  • Cortex Collision: Push the ball through your opponent’s defenses, getting it as far down the board as you can without hitting the end.
  • Basketblaster: Players shoot as many baskets as possible within a given timeframe. The player who scores the most baskets wins.

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