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Haier and NeuroSky have collaborated on a ‘Smart TV’ to provide brainwave-controlled apps to Smart TV users

China-based Haier Electronics presented at this month’s IFA Expo “the world’s first brain-computer interface technology Smart TV.” The TV is manufactured by Haier and powered by NeuroSky ThinkGear technology. The device is called Haier Cloud Smart TV and features the ability to let users interact with apps using NeuroSky’s biofeedback headset.

NeuroSky’s headsets detect human brainwave patterns revealing a person’s mental state. The NeuroSky ThinkGear chipset, the core of the technology, powering millions of EEG headsets on the planet, allows NeuroSky partners to focus on their core expertise while integrating biofeedback interaction into various customer facing solutions.

The brain-controlled TV applications are promised to allow users to develop control over their concentration and relaxation abilities through entertainment applications.

Haier says the TV is scheduled for release in October in China at a price to be determined.