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Hey, what a funny title! Focus Pocus is a brand new game that uses the NeuroSky MindWave EEG headset. Thanks to the MindWave’s brainwave sensor Focus Pocus is controlled by your brainwaves. Playing the game your role is to impersonate the young wizard in training, who has a number of challenges ahead. You need to focus (or as an opposite, reach a meditative mental state) to execute spells and kill your enemies. With your brainwaves you can grow a beard, transform a trumpet into a pig, repel a dragon, or even duel with other wizards. Spells include levitating, riding a broomstick just to mention a few. You can bet, if this game will be a success, the sequel will be definitely branded as Harry Potter!

Focus Pocus is claimed to be  more than just a simple game. The idea is that through these different brain-activities, the players would be exercising mental capacities that would generalize outside the game (into the classroom, for example). Focus Pocus will be marketed as an alternative to medication or as an adjunct therapy for children with ADHD. The game is designed by PhD qualified researchers and based on serious university researches.

Focus Pocus is a co-production of roll7, a “small digital agency with big ideas” and NeuroCog, an Australian software developer for brain-computer interfaces, and also the University of Wollengong as a research partner. Their first joint product, Focus Pocus is to be released soon in September 2011, to bring together neurocognitive and neurofeedback training to provide an environment where children can train to improve important psychological processes that underlie their behaviour, while having fun at the same time. Focus Pocus will be marketed as an alternative to medication or as an adjunct therapy for children with ADHD. The game will be available also to the general population for fun and focus-enhancement.

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