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This weekend (July 28-31st) in California, the 7th Annual Topanga Film Festival (TFF) premieres MyndPlay, the world’s first mind controlled video and movie platform, about which you could read on first in March 2011. MyndPlay allows the viewer to control movies using nothing but their emotions and will.

MyndPlay is an intricately designed multi-platform media player that is compatible with brain-computer interfaces such as the NeuroSky MindWave. This cutting-edge software works together with the NeuroSky technology to allow the viewer to control the outcome of a movie with the power of their mind. The technology further gives the user the ability to influence, interact with and direct the plot and outcome of a video or movie using only their minds (more specifically using brainwaves relative to relaxation and attention states). MyndPlay scans the mental states of the audience and adjusts the scene and outcome to fit the audience mood.

“The audience is literally brought into the movie plot as the will of the viewer determines plot twists and direction,” said LG Taylor, Director of Communications for the 7th Annual Topanga Film Festival. “The viewer can hold their nerve to dodge bullets on the screen, or the viewer can become a superhero just by focusing to save the world. We are thrilled to present the pioneering efforts of MyndPlay at this year’s Topanga Film Festival.” She continued.

MyndPlay may allow story writers, directors and film production companies to create new genre of content, to engage and connect with the audience in an innovative way. The technology behind the software involves brainwave sensing, algorithmic mental state determination and screen control.

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