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Rachelle Bloksburg of Sierra EEG Neurofeedback Therapy works with a client in her office on East McKnight Way in Grass Valley. Photo for by John Hart

Rachelle Bloksburg had a brain injury seven years ago. “The doctors told me I would live the rest of my life on the couch and I needed to start to accept that.” None of the drugs prescribed to Bloksburg were working. “I was like a guinea pig,” she said. “There was one drug I thought was working, after I was taking it for three months I realized it wasn’t doing anything for me except for making me high so that I didn’t care that I felt so bad.”

Bloksburg who today runs her own neurofeedback company Sierra EEG, went to Los Angeles to the EEG (Electroencephalography) Institute. According to the institute’s website, neurofeedback is explained this way: “Think of neurofeedback as a personal training session for the brain, where the brain becomes its own trainer. Training the brain to function at its maximum potential is similar to the way the body is trained, toned and maintained. Instead of muscle, brain training exercises the neural pathways that allow the brain to have better function in areas such as concentration and focus.”

Bloksburg did two sessions a day for two weeks in Los Angeles “and I got my life back,” she said. “It wasn’t totally back. I came home and did neurofeedback home training on myself. I have clients who are doing that too. It makes it so you can do it every day and it lowers the cost. It makes it stronger and better.”

Bloksburg started Sierra EEG Neurofeedback in Grass Valley about two years ago where she usually does a two-hour session for her clients. “The better I know my client, the better I know where to put the electrodes. So I really get to know people.”

Neurofeedback is a learning process so Bloksburg uses as many senses as possible: Visual, auditory and tactile. The process helps to train your brain to change patterns. “We all have certain patterns,” said Bloksburg. “Some of which we don’t like very much that are in our life.” Depending on where she places electrodes on a person’s head, she will focus in on different areas where different things happen.

Neurofeedback can help guide people with whatever their goal is. “Anything that’s neurologically based,” said Bloksburg. “Remember, the brain runs our whole body.”

There are no credentials or licensing for neurofeedback. “The brain is the new frontier,” said Bloksburg. “Nobody knows everything about it.”

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