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We just arrived at the point where must admit why this site was started back in 2010. Yes, beside the more serious topics like brain-computer interfaces for disabled people, we are deeply engaged to report on the latest and most incredible, fun and futuristic BCI gadgets! Such as Necomimi, this sexy pair of brain-controlled cat ears created for Japanese teen girls not knowing how to shine out from the rest.Made by the Japanese Neurowear, Necomimi is the product where fashion and technology meet each other. The concept idea aims to reach a form of “augmented human body” with the help of brainwaves and biosensors. And it’s only the beginning. Neurowear claims to develop other various items in the future.

But how does Necomimi work and what is it good for? The ears on the headband stand up when the wearer concentrates or sees something interesting. And when the user relaxes,the decreasing brain activity makes the ears fall down. So by simply showing your actual mood this extraordinary clothing accessory It can boost up your social life, it can help on your dates, it can arrange a first contact with the boy next door.

As the Tokyo-based Neurowear claims (or to be honest: overstates a little) they created a new human’s organ, a brand new communication tool that augments human’s body and ability. This cat’s ear shaped machine express your condition before you start talking.

Ok, Neurowear may overestimate their creation but the following videos can convince anybody about the high fun-factor of this gadget. (Although the device in the second video looks like a prototype -using the NeuroSky MindWave headset’s forehead sensor-, we are trying hard to get a pair of this funny cat ear and show you how they work on lovely European chicks’ heads. :)