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How to use brain-computer interface technology to promote the world’s most popular vodka brand? Here’s the answer. ABSOLUT company is collaborating with the internationally renowned artist Marcos Lutyens to create the Flavour Collider, an artistic project offering a visual interpretation of the mind’s reaction to different tastes and sensations. The project uses the NeuroSky MindWave headset of course.

The attendees of the FutureEverything Festival (11 – 14 May, in Machester, UK) will be invited to engage with a variety of specially created cocktails while wearing the MindWave headset to transpose their reactions to the various flavours of Absolut vodka cocktails, into a colorful data-visualisation installation.

The Absolut FlavourCollider will be installed in both bars at the festival, allowing participants to broadcast their thoughts and observations through mind-bending visual projections using the NeuroSky EEG headset, which measures their brainwave activity.Consumers will be served an Absolut cocktail and positioned in an area of the lounge bar dedicated to the installation so they can look upon their mental activity unfolding, experiencing a spectacular lighting display and interactive sculpture that will articulate the emotional state of people indulging in the Absolut experience.

The interactive installation is primarily designed by Marcos Lutyens, an interdisciplinary artist born in 1964, who is today a leader in using cognitive techniques including hypnosis to create art performances, sculptures and installations. He has exhibited work at The Royal Academy, LACMA in California and the Pompidou Centre in Paris.

About the mind-cocktail project Marcos explained: ‘‘Synesthesia and the varying ways different people understand and react to taste is something has always influenced my work. This Absolut FlavourCollider will be an incredible exploration of this — the Absolut flavours are sure to inspire amazing sensory experiences within mind and taste. Exploring these pathways in this way has never been done before — I’m sure FutureEverything will be the perfect platform to explore this.”

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