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The news we have been waiting for since January when Imagercise announced its online service, a social platform that combines community content with brain-computer inteface technology. The big novelty of Imagercise is that the platform measures and reacts to the user’s mental state while the media is playing.

Web 3.0 is Here? – we asked in January. Finally we have the option to test it. Given that until now Imagercise has been available for PC only, Mac users couldn’t really try the new service. But as the latest update brings OSX compatibility, we have nothing else to do than complete the registration form, install the software, put on our NeuroSky MindSet, run the latest version of ThinkGear Connector for Mac and enjoy the various contents uploaded from the community.

If you don’t have needed the NeuroSky hardware but you live close to San Francisco Bay Area, you can visit Imagercise at the New Living Expo this weekend (April 29th, 30th and May 1st). They will provide MindWave device for you to try. What’s more, the featured content creator Megan Scott will be there as well.

Source: Imagercise Newsletter

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