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Mindeout game by DreamsofDanu -
Mindout game by DreamsofDanu -

Below you can watch a teaser video of Mindout, the upcoming brainwave-controlled game developed by Dreams of Danu studio. Mindout is an Arkanoid / Breakout style game using the Neurosky MindWave headset. Mindout’s release date is yet to be announced but the game will be showcased in a playable form this thursday at Festival of Games (NLGD).

Dreams of Danu is an exceptional game developer studio based in the Netherlands. Indeed, exceptional (but not the only one, just think about MindGames) as they create games that can be used with biofeedback devices and brain-computer interfaces. As you can read on their website, the independent studio’s small team has a background in game and interaction design, and a strong affinity for human centered design applied to neuroscience.

Ingame screen of Mindeout -
Ingame screen of Mindout -
The games created by Dreams of Danu are playable with thoughts and emotions. Using brain-computer interfaces that read your brainwaves, like the Emotiv Epoc and the Neurosky MindSet and MindWave. Dreams of Danu creates fun and engaging experiences where players learn to develop their minds, and expand their awareness.
As shown in this teaser, Mindout combines the gameplay elements of the classic Arkanoid or Breakout type games -where the ball striking a brick causes the brick to disappear and when all the bricks are gone, the player goes to the next level- with the most advanced brainwave sensing technology. Can’t wait to try it!