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Puzzlebox Brainstorms is an open source software project which helps introduce students to basic neuroscience and brain-computer interfaces. In particular it incorporates exercises which help students to learn and practice focusing their attention and concentration, using the technology to allow them to drive robots, fly helicopters, and play video games.

Puzzlebox Brainstorms 0.6.0

Recently Puzzlebox has released the latest version of Puzzlebox Brainstorms, the free software which allows controlling robotic vehicles, radio controlled helicopters, and electric wheelchairs through commercially available consumer EEG headsets such as the NeuroSky MindWaveNeuroSky MindSet and Emotiv EPOC. The novelty of the 0.6.0 version is the support for iRobot Roomba and iRobot Create robots and also the support of selecting movement directions via EMG-based “Blink Detection”.

Puzzlebox Brainstorms 0.6.0 - iRobot support and Blink Detection
Puzzlebox Brainstorms 0.6.0 - iRobot support and Blink Detection

The Puzzlebox project’s intention is to work in coordination with teachers, student groups, researchers, designers, and developers who are interested in collaborating in an open community environment. It is based on members of each type contributing their own skills and interests in “Stone Soup” fashion. The video below is a good example of how Puzzlebox combnes fun with the latest technology. In this walkthrough made by Puzzlebox you can learn how to hack a Radio Control Helicopter to be flown with the mind using an EEG headset, such as the NeuroSky MindSet. If you have the intention to modify your RC Helicopter yourself click for step-by-step instructions.