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Mark Alpert, author of the international bestselling thriller Final Theory and its sequel, The Omega Theory, is already working on his next book. The new novel will be also a thriller but focusing on prosthetic limbs and brain-interface technology. The author told about his new ideas in a recent interview while answering the “What are you working on next?” question:

“I just handed in the first draft of my third book. It’s not another sequel; in the third book I created a whole new set of characters. And instead of focusing on physics, the new thriller is all about the brain-machine interface, the amazing new devices that are melding living things with microprocessors. The hero, for example, has an advanced prosthesis, a mechanical arm that’s directly connected to his nervous system. (The Pentagon is funding the development of such devices, in part to help all the maimed soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan.) The hero battles swarms of cyborg insects that have been implanted with tiny computer chips and antennas. (The Pentagon’s working on this, too.) And other characters view the world with the help of retinal implants that feed video images to their optic nerves. (Again, this is a real technology.) I had a blast writing the book. There’s no title yet, but it should be published sometime next year.”

Mark Alpert is a contributing editor at Scientific American. In his long journalism career, he has specialized in explaining scientific ideas to readers, simplifying esoteric concepts such as extra dimensions and parallel universes. And now, in his novels, Alpert weaves cutting-edge science into high-energy thrillers that elucidate real theories and technologies. His lates success The Omega Theory is a fast-paced, ripped-from-the-headlines thriller that also explains and demystifies some of the most fascinating scientific discoveries of recent years.

Alpert lives in Manhattan with his wife and two children. He’s a proud member of Scientific American’s softball team, the Big Bangers.

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