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Ever wanted to control a videogame with your mind? How about cause a helicopter to levitate with your brainwaves? On Saturday, April 9 2011 the NeuroSky Hackathon gives you a special opportunity to hack and dev the new MindWave headsets.

The California based Hacker Dojo community gets several of the MindWave EEG headsets (with APIs) directly from NeuroSky company to do hardware and software development. Additionally, NeuroSky will be giving a discount to hackathon attendees if anybody wishes to purchase their own MindWave for longer-term work. Hacker Dojo is a community center for hackers and thinkers to meet, discuss, learn, create, build and play.Event details: Neurosky Mindwave Hackathon

Date: Saturday, April 9 2011
Time: 1:00pm to 11:45pm
Contact Person: Chris Meyer