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As motion control have become extremely popular, many believe that playing games with the power of our mind is the next big thing coming to the gaming industry. But not until people in key positions believe that BCI technology is completely useless in games. According to Dr. Richard Marks, Sony R&D’s special project manager and the man responsible for the fun-but-annoyingly-glowing PlayStation Move motion controller, brain-controlled games are not coming to Sony’s consoles in the near future. It’s not the first time that Mr. Marks speaks against brain-computer interfaces. As he declared at a CES 2011 panel discussion, he believes that user interfaces must include a combination of buttons and motion/touch-sensing. Fortunately at the same panel a marketing manager for Hewlett-Packard predicted that brain control will be the next revolution in PC technology.

Recently Mr. Marks gave a  long interview to Gamasutra where he mentioned again the brain-playing subject. He said the followings:

“That’s where it always ends up because the final end everyone thinks of, the ultimate end is the brain experience,”  Dr. Richard Marks

“But I think the brain interface thing is too far. Actually I think the body should stay connected. Like having your, you know, adrenaline pumping.”

“When you play some of the experiences like Rock Band where you break into a sweat playing the drums, those things are good. I like those things. I don’t want to remove all of that.”

Sony wasn’t always insensitive to revolutionary solutions. Do you remember the promotional PS9 video made by Sony ten years ago to promote PlayStation 2? In the video Sony clearly predicted mind-control system, bio-link and telepathic personal music for its future PS consoles (even if coming in 2078 only). Teleport yours today! :)