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MyndPlay reheats the old idea of making videos more interactive and for that purpose it brings brain-computer interfaces to movie making. What MyndPlay promises to film watchers is nothing else that movies no more have to end without reference to the viewers emotional state. The MyndPlay is a software which works together with the NeuroSky MindWave headset and allows the viewer to control the outcome of a movie with the power of his mind!

MyndPlay gives the user the ability to influence, interact with and direct the plot and outcome of a video or movie using only their minds (more specifically using brainwaves relative to relaxation and attention states). MyndPlay scans the mental states of the audience and adjust the scene outcome to fit the audience mood.

The audience is literally brought into the movie plot as the will of the viewer determines plot twists and direction. The viewer can hold their nerve to perform magic on the screen, or the viewer can become a superhero just by focusing and save the World.

MyndPlay is essentially a multi platform media player that is compatible with brain-computer interfaces to allow viewers to control visual content. Tre Azam, CEO of the UK based MyndPlay company states that the technology behind the software involves brainwave sensing, algorithmic mental state determination and screen control.

MyndPlay has been designed to allow story writers, advertisers, directors and independent production houses to create new genre of content, to engage and connect with the audience in an innovative way. That’s why MyndPlay is also planning to give upgraded version of the software called MyndPlay Pro to professional and hobby movie makers who want develop their own Myndplay-style projects.

The first movie compatible with this MyndPlay technology is entitled Paranormal Mynd: Exorcism. Guess what, it’s an interactive horror movie created for the MyndPlay platform and produced by UK film company Treite Labs.

Individual MyndPlay movies/projects will cost $0.49 to $1.99 (depending on the episode length, content etc.), but there’s still no word on how much the upgraded MyndPlay Pro will sell for.

The MindWave headset (you know, the brain-computer interface needed) costs $99.

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