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Here’s again a video of MindWave headset, now implemented in the famous Call of Duty: Black Ops videogame. On the right side of the screen you can see two bars. The red bar displays the actual attention level of the player (focus/concentration) while the blue one represents his or her mental calmness (relaxing/meditation). A rolling 30-second history is also visible in the upper-right corner.

The implementation is created by Steve Castellotti (known for his brain-controlled wheelchair project) at Puzzlebox, who develops a system that uses Neurosky’s brain-computer interface headset with a computer to track live how gamers react to games. Castellotti says that the neurofeedback could be used by game developers to help adjust a game’s difficulty or the emotional impact of games. The game is a Call of Duty Team Deathmatch, recorded during a single player life.

The video below was recorded by Kotaku at GDC11.

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