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Below you can watch a video of MindWave headset, the new consumer brain-computer interface of NeuroSky company. The video has been recorded by at Demo Spring 2011 and shows the BrainCubed educational app first, then an animal shooting game, where players concentrate to target a creature on the screen, and blink to fire (note: the control method sounds glorious but we find the game concept unlovely – what a sick idea is to shoot really cute animals?!).

The editor of was overall satisfied with the MindWave headset. As she tells in her post, she has solved a series of math addition and subtraction problems in BrainCubed application as quickly as possible. After the short test the Neurosky’s graphical report showed the concentration levels rising and falling during the problem solving. The graph goes down before the missed problem, then a big elevation is visible when her concentration level is rising as she makes efforts to make up for the mistake. At the end, the concentration held steady and she had completed the problems rhythmically.

The MindWave with the BrainCubed can be the next step for the consumer brain-computer interface market. It is clearly visible how useful it could be to teachers or parents wondering why resolving a simple task takes so long for the kid.

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