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Intendix is a consumer brain-computer interface that lets disabled or paralyzed people type letters with their minds. Thanks to several years of development Guger Technologies’ thoughtwriter solution now works faster than before, the setup process and the training session are both shorter than in the previous versions.

Intendix consists of an electrode cap, a screen of letters (flashing columns and rows of characters), a compact brain wave amplifier, and a Windows application that analyzes and decodes the brainwaves.
By focusing on each letter, users can generate brain waves that the device can recognize. Guger says most patients can type 5-10 characters per minute after training. The system is still in its infancy, it would take almost two days to type an average letter(!), but the creator is more optimistic, Guger hopes in the future it will be possible to type five characters per minute with Intendix, so writing a complete letter with your mind only would not take more than four hours.
Watch a demonstration of Indendix (video recorded by IDG at Cebit in Hannover, Germany).