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MindGames, creators of the world’s first iOS application which players control with their minds (click here to read more about Tug of Mind, which is free from 2-6 March!) has announced their new mind-controlled release, W.I.L.D.

The game is an artistic, subconscious adventure for iPhone and iPad, in which players navigate waking dreams by using their powers of meditation and attention. In order to control your dream, you must control your own mind. If successful, you will put out fires, bend spoons, and create galaxies! The dream continues with new chapters every month!

W.I.L.D. is available in the App Store from today for a special introductory price (of USD 4.99) from 2-6 March.

How it works:

Players control what happens in W.I.L.D. using their levels of relaxation and concentration, which the PLX XWave headset records from the electric field given off by the player’s brain activity. This technology is none other than a simplified, portable version of EEG technology, which has been used to record patients’ brain activity in hospitals since the early 20th century. W.I.L.D. is also compatible with the NeuroSky MindSet plus iPhone dongle.