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The MindWave Learning Bundle presented at the DEMO Conference is a new education platform, an exercise equipment for children’s minds. Its basic hardware, the MindWave headset is the first consumer brain-computer interface headset from NeuroSky.

Just like the company’s previous BCI headset (MindSet) the MindWave safely monitors electrical EEG brainwave impulses from the forehead, which pass through mathematical algorithms determining mental states such as “attention” and “relaxation.” 10 neuroscience apps, featuring NeuroSky’s BrainCubed mental scoring, are bundled with the hardware, including intelligence, mental fitness and game applications.

Watch the video presentation:

The lightweight, easy to use MindWave headset is available on PC and MAC at a retail price of 99 Euros at

Beginning March 2nd, NeuroSky will be participating in the Game Developer’s Conference in San Francisco in exhibitor booth number 2102.
Also, from March 1-5, NeuroSky will be demonstrating new products at the CeBIT Show in Germany, Hall 17, Stand D70, Booth 07.