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BIOPAC Systems, Inc. announces it is now the worldwide distributor for Advanced Brain Monitoring’s B-Alert X10 wireless EEG technology.

The B-Alert X10 empowers experimental complexity as it frees subjects to move comfortably and untethered within real-world environments. Its hardware provides unique acquisition capabilities with nine channels of high fidelity EEG and an additional channel with programmable-gain (normally ECG).

When combined with the standard inclusion of BIOPAC’s AcqKnowledge software, researchers are equipped with powerful analysis tools, including automated scoring and reporting outputs. When the optional B-Alert Cognitive-State Metric software is added, real-time metrics of fatigue, stress, confusion, engagement and workload provide objective insight to how subjects process stimuli and tasks. The cognitive states software — which has been extensively validated and published in scientific journals — is a plug-and-play solution for researchers to perform sophisticated analysis. Plus, its proprietary raw-data decontamination feature eliminates the need for time-consuming post acquisition data cleanup.

The B-Alert X10 operates as a standalone wireless EEG system or can interface with BIOPAC’s extensive range of other physiological monitoring devices. Its headset design features semi-dry, soft-sensor strips which minimize required technician training and keep standard set-up time to less than five minutes. The ultra-low profile and comfortable fit allow for 8+ hour recording sessions and seamless integration into scenario specific headgear.

AcqKnowledge software offers researchers a wide range of additional analysis routines. BIOPAC also offers extensive stimulus presentation and synchronization options to synchronize physiological data with video, integrate and synchronize with VR, and use other stimulus presentation systems.

BIOPAC’s full line of data acquisition, stimulation and triggering systems is fully compatible with B-Alert X10 wireless EEG acquisition and cognitive-metrics software. Combine multi-channel wireless EEG with BIOPAC’s wireless BioNomadix amplifiers, or use the B-Alert X10 with BIOPAC’s range of functional Near Infrared Spectroscopy products to combine hemodynamic and electrical brain monitoring. This powerful pairing is suitable for an extensive range of physiological parameters such as ECG, EEG, EGG, EMG, EOG, Pulse, Respiration, Temperature, Noninvasive Cardiac Output, Electrodermal Activity, Accelerometry, or Gyro. When the data file is saved, cognitive states data is automatically synced with the corresponding physiological response.

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