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NeuroSky presents their new product at DEMO Conference which is one of the few launch conferences that has a valid impact on technology market trends.

The company will be announcing for the first time how their technology is maturing into more serious industries, with a revolutionary product which will extend the limits in evolving the potential of the human brain.

“This product marks NeuroSky’s entry into an industry that has always been one of my passions. Our technology has captured people’s imagination simply because it’s fun. We want to take that one step further and develop products that change people’s lives – but are still fun,” states Stanley Yang, CEO of NeuroSky and the visionary behind the bio-sensor company. “DEMO is the ideal platform for unveiling this long awaited consumer product.”

Let us guess! The revolutionary product will likely be the long awaited Non-Contact Sensor which allows EEG sensing through clothing, hair and other material. According to NeuroSky’s future vision, the non-contact brain-computer interface sensor will be available in the form of a developer kit early 2011 and its versatility “will enable new uses we’ve never dreamed of”.
But it’s a guess only, we’ll know more in a few days!

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