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Here’s an authentic post for Valentine’s Day: Scientists working with dating website are testing a device that can monitor brainwave activity. Currently, this is being tested in a closed environment at the university of Berkley, California and 100 test subjects have volunteered to undergo testing of the new equipment.

The equipment is said to be able to heighten the experience of online dating while communicating intimately over video chat.  If testing is successful, the technology could be available later in 2011. Online dating sites are already putting in bids for the technology.

Online dating sites such as are considering using the technology to improve the ability to find better matches on a different level that can not already be made using the current tests that are available. Online dating were first approached by the scientists form Berkley two years ago when the equipment was in alpha testing.

Over the past two years, the technology has had several features added to it that will make the technology more accessible to average internet users.  However, the plans from the online dating companies are to package the equipment for sale in retail stores or with a yearly subscription.