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Researchers at Auckland University of Technology in New Zealand have revealed a special robot With, which is commanded solely by brain signals using an Emotiv EPOC headset. At the moment With is programmed to respond to facial movements because facial expressions are pretty strong brain signals, and they are easy to pick up. But With could technically be controlled by any thoughts, it is just a case of programming in more complex signals.
“Brain signals can be used to control objects to help paralysed people control prosthetics and wheelchairs,” Professor Nikola Kasabov told ONE News.
The AUT University researchers are part of an international group of scientists mapping brain functions and turning signals into actions. The video on this link shows With in action.
An Emotiv forum topic is blaming the original article of for not mentioning Emotiv’s name neither in the article nor in the video.
“the whole artical made it sound like they had invented it and at no stage did they make mention to the pretty important point that they didn’t make the headset or the program running it (after they showed the control panel on the screen a couple of times).”
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