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A brain controlled underwater device has won third place of Innovation category at the nationwide eShabab competition in Bahrain.

The Brain Navigation System is designed by Zahra Radhi and Zahra Mohammed, who won 3,000 Bahraini Dinar (8.000 USD) for their idea for an underwater device to monitor the seas.

“It is an underwater device that you can control through your mind, it can read the brainwaves and you can control it through your brain instead of a remote control,” said Ms Al Baqqali, who explained the device worked by using sensors.

The device’s main features are the detection of temperature, pollution and the components of the water.

The eShabab was organised in partnership with the e-Government Authority in Bahrain, under the umbrella of Gulf Future Business. The eShabab contest kicks off in summer with a tour of every university in Bahrain.