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Stanley Yang, CEO of the bio-sensor company NeuroSky, has been invited as a speaker to the DLD’11 conference in Munich. In his presentation, Mr Yang talked about biosensor technology, upcoming NeuroSky products, websites using biofeedback, and the new possibilities for quadriplegics.

During his demo Mr. Yang has worn a biosensor headset reading his brainwaves and displaying his always changing emotional state in colors on a laptop. This has led to a funny moment when a video wouldn’t start playing, and Mr Yang’s screen turned bright red for a second. :)

“When it’s red or orangish, I’m a little more nervous than usual. When it’s green I’m quite relaxed. When it’s blue or purple I’m thinking deeply. So if you ask me a very tough question I might think very hard and that displays blue. I’m getting my mind naked in front of everybody now.”
The company markets it’s technology as a platform very similar to Intel Inside, and provide this platform to people who apply it in different applications. That way the biosensor technology can help quadreplegics, ADHD and other disabled people too. NeuroSky is working with over 150 universities and institutions around the world now.
“Some researchers are using our headsets to create a link to the keyboard so people who are not able to type or move are now able to issue simple commands, text commands to the computer and interface with the world.”

Panelists: Laurent Gil (Viewdle), Maarten Lens-FitzGerald (Layar), Peter Meier (Metaio), Stanley Yang (NeuroSky) Moderator: David Rowan (WIRED Magazine) Picture source:

During his presentation Mr. Yang announced a brand new product available from end of february, and also talked about about websites using NeuroSky technology.
“…people can register and basicaly download iPhone app or Android app, and every time they listen to a song, it records and gives a score. If you are member of this website and walk into a Starbucks or some kind of library you might get a text message from the website, saying there is a compatible opposite sex member in the same location that maches your brainwave. … He or she will receive the same thing.”
The video below shows the whole augmented reality discussion.
Mr. Yang’s presentation commences at 16:50