Sharing is caring! has recently collected a bunch of applications that are specially designed for disabled people.

Among many useful and quite futuristic apps like Google’s Eyes-Free project the Intersection Explorer or the Android app V-Braille (that can teach blind individuals Braille characters via haptic feedback or touchscreen vibrations), the post also mentions ThinkContacts, a project that combines using Nokia mobile phones with NeuroSky MindSet.

ThinkContacts’ basic idea is making calls via mind control. The application is meant to run on its N900 Maemo platform with help from a Bluetooth connection and one’s own brainwaves. The project uses NeuroSky headset to measure the user’s brain activity in the following method:

  • attention levels that rise to 70% will signal the software to scroll to the next name on their address book
  • once the former drops lower than 30%, it shifts to the previous name
  • past 80% and a call is automatically placed to the selected contact.

ThinkContacts on Nokia forum:

The demonstration video below is from August 2010, no further info on the project’s progress since than.