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Although a few days ago the Google Research Award was given to a BCI based web-search project, we still have to wait long for being able to search the web by our thoughts only.

As reported today, “Mind-reading modules are not coming anytime soon to to web-search”, said by Google’s research scientist and search anthropologist, Daniel Russell. Despite its lead in the search business, Russell admits that there are boundaries to what the company can do with Web search. He said this at a workshop conducted via a video conference this afternoon.

“What we are trying to do is get to a place where we can understand what makes a high-quality result. Then anything that is not automatically gets labeled as spam. So we like to be anticipatory,” Russell said. He admits it’s a tough act between people who want to push certain results higher on the page and those who simply want high-quality results.

The other challenge, Russell added, is trying to keep up with the increasing number of sources such as Facebook, Twitter and MySpace that provide real-time information.

Google is doing two things simultaneously to address these issues. First, it is constantly providing incremental improvements in indexing, ranking, spell correction and analytics. Russell said that most users won’t notice these enhancements. “Things just get better, but you don’t know why,” he added.

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