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Recorded at CES 2011, a video of the Mindflex sequel appeared yesterday on Youtube.

As seen the pictures show Mattel’s new game has kept a lot from its predecessor, the original Mindflex. The new version has inherited the design, the blue and white colours, the ball as the main game element, and of course the mind-controlled gameplay.

At the same time Mindflex 2 has progressed a lot. It has became a multiplayer game, resembling very much to Mindball Game, made years ago by a Swedish company Interactive Productline. Just like the Swedish Mindball, Mindflex 2 also contains a tabletop, where a ball is moving back and forth during the game (Note: the Mindball Game originates from the prototype Brainball which is developed by the Smart Studio at The Interactive Institute).

About the gameplay: Each player wears an EEG mindset that measures the brain’s electrical activity, and transmits them to the table. The more you focus, farther on moves the ball. As the opponent is also focusing, the winner is the player who has the most constant concentration.

The system is likely based on the same NeuroSky technology that was used in Mattel’s previous game and Uncle Milton’s Star Wars: The Force Trainer toy.

The multiplayer Mindflex 2 will be available later in the year for about $100.