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Popular Science reported on US-based FreerLogic’s new biofeedback device called BodyWave that aims to train your brain to focus.

This patent pending technology, in the form of a sports armband, monitors the brain’s physiologic signal through the body. Dry sensors acquire brain signal and transfer it wirelessly to a mobile device or PC. The wearable technology is available for sports applications, training environments, and field applications in many different situations.

The system comes with PlayAttention, a software currently being used to help kids with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder and has been adopted as a virtual reality training tool in nuclear power plants.

PlayAttention includes 3D games and virtual reality simulations, and during use, if a player becomes bored or distracted, the video game stops functioning correctly until the player can regain his or her focus.

“When synapses fire, they release electrical pulses that move through the body,” states the article. The BodyWave, about the size of an iPhone, uses three dry carbon sensors that contact the skin and search for brainwave activity. The brain produces beta-level waves at frequencies of 12 to 30 hertz when the user is concentrating, according to neurologists.

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Promotional video on PlayAttention software, which accompanies the BodyWave: