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A new online service combines technology enhanced personal growth media with community content.

Brain-Computer Interfacing takes the next step as a community driven, online personal growth media service utilizing the Neurosky® MindSet interface.

Zen master’s kyosaku starting to leave a bruise? Perhaps the sensuous bubbles and tingles of IMAGERCISE™ are just the encouragement one needs. Combining the variety of an online community media repository with the brainwave-savvy intuition of the Neurosky® MindSet, Sciulli Digital Media Group, Inc. brings the next generation of personal growth media to the web as a new online service.

“We’ve created an attractive platform by inviting familiar media from the personal growth community combined with subtle assistance from the Neurosky MindSet. provides the social media environment and software technology to bring these elements together- right inside your web browser.”– Matt Sciulli, President and C.E.O. of Sciulli Digital Media Group, Inc.

In addition to providing a platform for a wide variety of media, provides essential features for a technology-enhanced meditation experience: brainwave responses during the user’s session can be recorded and stored online for future reference, comparison, and analysis -allowing the individual to see which media provides the best experiences. Subtle “helper tones” play in the background when the listener is responding to the media, and sections can automatically repeat if the user’s brainwave data suggests they might have a better response the next time around.

Using a system of credits and points already familiar to those in the social media and gaming worlds, users can spend credits meditating to premium, feedback driven media or earn credits by contributing brainwave data to “beta” tracks before they “go premium”.

The content for is uploaded from the community. Makers of personal growth and meditation media create a profile and upload media for others to use. provides the technology and customized template creation services for measuring and reacting to the user’s mental state as the media is playing.

“ presents the opportunity for any personal growth media creator or publisher to leverage Brain-Computer Interfacing technology today, in an easy and flexible way.”– Dr. Megan Scott, co-author of ‘Yoga with Weights for Dummies’

Founded in 2010, Sciulli Digital Media Group, Inc. focuses on “Web 3.0 Synergistics”, building next generation technologies such as Brain Computer Interfacing, Virtual Reality, and Augmented Reality, into familiar contexts and emerging markets.

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