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If you like to build things and are mechanically inclined, or like industrial design and engineering, University of Toronto’s ECE516 team (a.k.a. “Cyborg Class”) might be the ideal place for you.

For the past 12 years the “Cyborg Class” has attracted the best and brightest minds to learn about the future of minds and machines, and mobile human computer interaction technologies ranging from mind-machine interfaces, microcontrollers, mobile phones, electric eyeglasses, and wearable computers, to handheld and shoe-based music controllers.

The core of the class is a thought-controlled technology competition using brainwaves to control an iPhone or Android phone, with Augmented Reality and Mediated Reality applications.

InteraXon, the company renowned for cutting edge BCI applications, will supply personal EEG hardware for the students taking the course. InteraXon also provides employment and internship opportunities for graduating students and summer students, as well as collaboration with newly starting graduate students.

ECE516 is mainly taken by engineers and computer scientists. The interdisciplinary team-oriented projects are ideal for creative people with either an engineering, computer science, physics, or mathematical background. The course appeals to third year or fourth year undergraduate students or first year graduate students.

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Article source: Interaxon Blog