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At the next Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, InteraXon is ready to make waves with demonstrations of two new application concepts for their EEG-based thought-controlled computing technology.

At CES 2011, Interaxon will be debuting a thought-controlled version of the award winning ZenBound 2 iPad game, as well as a brainwave powered 3D environment created in collaboration with cutting edge Canadian artist Alex McLeod. Both applications have been developed using NeuroSky ThinkGear technology.

“Brainwave based technologies are finally reaching the marketplace,” says InteraXon CEO Ariel Garten, “and we believe that this year’s CES will be a watershed moment for thought-controlled computing.”

InteraXon first garnered worldwide acclaim for creating the world’s largest thought controlled computing installation during the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympic Games, and followed it up with the demonstration of the world’s first thought-controlled in-flight entertainment system. Taking the technology to the palm of your hand, InteraXon has partnered with SecretExit, the developer of successful app Zen Bound 2. The collaboration highlights the company’s ability to connect existing games and technologies with the power of thought-controlled computing.

“Zen Bound 2 was a natural fit for us,” explains Creative Director Pantea Razzaghi, “The game aligns with many of the core strengths of our technology. It highlights how our technology can add a new dimension of interactivity and engagement to an already superb application. Bringing thought-controlled applications into the mobile space also represents an exciting step forward for the technology.”

For the 3DTV experience, InteraXon turned to Alex Mcleod, a rising star in the Canadian art world. Mcleod uses 3D modelling techniques to create hyperrealistic virtual environments. His work has been displayed in galleries from New York to Sao Paolo to Barcelona, and was featured on Kanye West’s blog in late 2009.

Working with McLeod, InteraXon engineers created a truly immersive 3D world that reacts to a user’s mental state. InteraXon’s Chief Technical Officer, Chris Aimone, explains “The interaction highlights the diversity of experiences that are possible within thought-controlled computing and represents the first step towards fully immersive virtual worlds that react to your very thoughts.” For InteraXon, these two demonstrations underscore the breadth of possibility that thought-controlled computing represents, and highlights the company’s ability to integrate the technology into a wide variety of applications.

“Whether you are looking to create a one-off marketing installation or a product with broad reach and longevity” says Chief Operating Officer Trevor Coleman, “we have the resources, knowledge and skills to connect your business to the thought-controlled future.”

InteraXon’s executive team will be available for interviews, demos and meetings during CES in Las Vegas Jan 6-9th 2011.