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You can help to promote Puzzlebox brain-controlled wheelchair project to winning the first prize of’s contest!

The wheelchair software is based on Emotiv Epoc BCI system, and was developed by a former employee in the technology department of Rosemont School, Steve Castellotti.

The software is a part of the Puzzlebox project, which is originally sponsoring the effort to driving a simple robot through brain control, as measured by an EEG device, such as the NeuroSkyMindSet or Emotiv EPOC. The receiving software is executed on a typical classroom PC or notebook. Optionally the software can also be run on a Nokia n900 mobile Linux handset placed on top of the robot, permitting tele-operation over the internet via mobile data or a local wireless network.

What you have to do:

  1. 1.Complete a quick registration on’s (it is free, just find the free button at the bottom of the page)
  2. 2.Please vote to Puzzlebox brain-controlled wheelchair project to help them win the first prize of’s contest! (On the votingpage change the “sort by” to “rating”, than it will be the first in the list.)

Watch a video of the BCI wheelchair: