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Brain wave headset may help treat disorders. Glo Fularon is a Filipino-American entrepreneur who has invested in the Neurosky MindWave product. Fularon says it’s a fun gadget that Filippino kids would enjoy and learn from at the same time.

Fularon also pointed out, “It’s cheaper compared to the X-Box and the Playstation. It’s a new technology that helps people with disabilities.”

NeuroSky officials said their products could help the medical community treat children with attention disorders and autism, adults with sleep problems and seniors with Alzheimer’s, however the long-term benefits would come with practice and repeated use of the product.

Its benefits inspired Fularon and other Filipino investors to bring NeuroSky’s product to the Philippines.

Fularon and other Filipino investors plan to launch NeuroSky in the Philippines this December. They plan to partner with hospitals and schools all over the Philippines in an effort to maximize its exposure and impact on people who need it. Balitang America