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Art Valuation Service (AVS)  by the British Acclaire is an interactive neuro-project, which measures your mind reactions while looking at an artwork exposed. As you look, your brain activity (your most honest response) tells “what you think” of the specific artwork.

Using Neurosky headset, Acclaire scans the brain, records the data, and visualizes it in real-time on the gallery’s walls. AVS is currently showing in Eindhoven at the STRP Art & Technology Festival November 18-28, 2010.

Acclaire also develops the next iteration of the Art Valuation Service where 10 users will be able to simultaneously explore the exhibition using Neurosky. The plan is to set up the infrastructure for this system, record data, provide basic analysis and rewards for user participation. As the project develops, the goal is to develop a unique valuation algorithm that will find patterns in the data, leading to better understanding the brain’s reactions in real-time situations.

The Acclair Art Valuation Service is in phase 2 Beta. Acclaire is using the exhibition format as an experimental playground for research & development in a neuro-aware environment.


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